The Felt Designer


Niki, 41, is a felt designer. Born with limited use of her right hand, every garment she designs is made to be put on and taken off with only one hand.

I love what I do as it allows me to be me – it enables my ideas and gives me the chance to develop connections through my passion that are really personal and strong.

I do not let circumstances and opinions defy me or define me. I am lucky to have friends that I trust and inspire me. But I do not know if that means I am strong.  Privately, I question my choices and ways just as much as anyone I know. I guess choosing to be happy and owing to my choices is what I respect most in others and strive most towards.

I believe that happiness is a choice that we make daily. I am impatient when I see lack of empathy, and insight. I cannot be close to people that are afraid.

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