Network Ireland Conference

I was invited to introduce A Woman’s Work project on the Network Ireland annual conference on the 6th October. Very exciting as the event is hosting amazing business women from all over Ireland. Really looking forward to meet them and be part of this. Books will be on sale there too. All proceeds from the sales at the event will be donated to Tiglin Women’s centre which helps women affected by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction. Part of the rehabilitation programme is an effort to help them gain work placements or courses.

Women for election!

I always say that if all the amazing women in our book ruled the world we would be living in much different and much better place. World needs female perspective in politics and that is why I happily and proudly donated books to the Women for Election, a non-for-profit, non-partisan organisation whose vision is of an Ireland with balanced participation of women and men in political life. They launched their crowdfunding campaign in Twitter headquarters in Dublin and we really hope A Woman’s Work will help to reach their target. twitter

Eleanor Swan – Ceramic Artist


This lady is an inspiration to many women who are thinking about changing their career path. Eleanor had worked as a nurse for 25 years. At the age of 42, when her youngest boy reached the age of eighteen, she decided she was going to start over. She applied to the National College of Art and Design and graduated a few years later with her Masters degree in Ceramic Design. Eleanor exhibits her work nationally, and internationally, and has a collection of ‘tactile’ pieces on permanent display in the Yingge Ceramic Museum in Taiwan.

Shona – The survival kit for girls

We are very happy to be joining online forces with “The Shona Project”. It provides helpful and practical guides for the everyday issues and challenges experienced by girls. Tammy Darcy of The Shona Project organises anti bullying workshops at schools as well as talks about social media and kindness club. The Shona Project prompts girls to question how they value and treat themselves and each other and what role models they look up to. Here is an interview with Beta about ‘A Woman’s Work’ book:

Beta’s brilliant book of badasses