I was invited to introduce A Woman’s Work project on the Network Ireland annual conference on the 6th October. Very exciting as the event is hosting amazing business women from all over Ireland. Really looking forward to meet them and be part of this. Books will be on sale there too. All proceeds from the sales at the event will be donated to Tiglin Women’s centre which helps women affected by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction. Part of the rehabilitation programme is an effort to help them gain work placements or courses.


There was 18 backers who donated 100,- EUR to the Women for Election campaign and claimed to get A Woman’s Work book in return. That is 1.800,- out of 56.000 that the campaign raised. We are very proud. Now let’s see #MoreWomen in Irish politics.

Up until today A Woman’s Work book helped raise 1500,- in the #MoreWomen campaign. Very happy and proud. Can you help them get closer to the target? Just click here and donate. Signed A Woman’s Work is one of the rewards you can get for your financial contribution.

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