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Long time no see. We were getting the book ready for printing. All done, it has been sent out and now we have almost a month to get all the rest on track including the book launch and hopefully an interest of media. Speaking of which, first one, lovely article by Una Mullaly, has been just published in Irish Times.

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A year ago is when it started

It is almost a year since I started my journey of photographing amazing women in unusual jobs. And it’s been quite a journey! I have met women who love to fight and to challenge who at the same time are shy, gentle, kind, women who are unbelievably creative despite facing physical disabilities. Women who found beauty in science, who overcame childhood traumas, who chased their career dreams later in life, many after decades of providing for their families in sometimes difficult and underrated jobs. Women who opened their own businesses in the face of discouragement from older and wiser men. lisa

And I had the pleasure and privilege to meet one woman whose work, and passion is in saving people’s lives, despite the fact that she lost her husband before their first baby was born.  Lisa Levin’s husband Steve died a year ago. After he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, they took the decision to freeze his sperm.  They had plans to do to do IVF and it was successful first time, so she is now going to make him a dad. And in the midst of her own personal struggle, she is also lifeboat crew member in Clogherhead, saving other people’s lives day in, day out.

When I started this project, I knew that I would meet some incredible people but I didn’t expect it to be a political, social and spiritual experience. Now that I’m almost at the end of finishing the book I know that it’s been one of the most profound experiences in my life. I hope ‘A Woman’s Work’ will have the same impact on everyone, and maybe change other lives for the better too.

The Pilot


Nicky, 41, wanted to be a pilot from an early age. Seventeen years after she first qualified, she currently works as a transatlantic pilot for Aer Lingus and still loves every minute of the job.  

 The advice I would give my younger self? Be patient with life, don’t rush it and savour all the fun moments. I have a strong belief in positivity. I always look for the silver lining.

When I’m not working I’m A wife, a mum, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I try my best each day in all these roles but it’s never perfect. Then again there’s always tomorrow 🙂 !

The Boxer

KELLY hello.jpg

Kelly, 26, is a boxer and personal trainer. She recently won silver for Ireland on Women’s World Boxing Championships in Kazakhstan. Her dream is to represent Ireland at the Olympics. Currently she can’t qualify because her weight category is already occupied – women boxers can qualify only in three weight categories unlike men who can qualify in ten!

I love to fight, I love the feeling I get once in between those ropes, I dedicate a lot of time to my training two sessions a day, I still have my normal job and I would never give it up even if I was to win the lotto, my job is brilliant and keeps me grounded. 

Being a strong woman and confident in myself is what helps me push through every day struggles, anything I have I have because of the strong woman I am, because of the determination I have and drive to be a better stronger woman today then I was yesterday. 

Any advice I could give to anyone is never give up also believe, no one ever really knows how close they are to success. 

The Felt Designer


Niki, 41, is a felt designer. Born with limited use of her right hand, every garment she designs is made to be put on and taken off with only one hand.

I love what I do as it allows me to be me – it enables my ideas and gives me the chance to develop connections through my passion that are really personal and strong.

I do not let circumstances and opinions defy me or define me. I am lucky to have friends that I trust and inspire me. But I do not know if that means I am strong.  Privately, I question my choices and ways just as much as anyone I know. I guess choosing to be happy and owing to my choices is what I respect most in others and strive most towards.

I believe that happiness is a choice that we make daily. I am impatient when I see lack of empathy, and insight. I cannot be close to people that are afraid.